6 Most Common Types of Business Meetings [Complete Guide]

For an organization to develop, people need to gather to brainstorm and form new ideas and strategies. This is achieved by holding business meetings. Business meetings are a common activity in an organization. 

They make sure that the management of the company is going well. Through these meetings, leaders and employees can be informed about company updates. Constant communication is essential to an organization’s success.

According to Beenote, 83% of respondents consider meetings to have positive effects on company projects and developments. Having well-informed staff helps in maintaining smooth workflow and it can minimize unwanted accidents that can result in loss of money.

A business meeting can be formal or informal. The number of people involved also varies from two to more than a handful of people.

Why Business Meetings Are Important

Business meetings are important because it is a planning stage for a company. As the saying goes, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” All decisions, major or minor are made through a business meeting.

However, not all business meetings end up with significant productivity. In fact, according to CornerStone Dynamics, “executives view more than 67% of meetings as failures”. This is why it’s important to know how to conduct a productive business meeting

Cornerstone Dynamics also mentioned how companies waste around $37 billion per year on unproductive business meetings. We have an article about the best ways to conduct business meetings

If you need a guide, you can read the article we’ve published about it. Regardless of the negative statistical data, an organization can never omit conducting business meetings. What companies can just do is to apply better strategies.

Moreover, the practice of having more effective meetings is needed to keep employees engaged.

Here are advantages of having an effective business meeting:

  • It encourages teamwork within the workforce.
  • It encourages employees to share ideas and insights.
  • Different opinions and ideas let you see the situation from different perspectives.

Companies need business meetings to maintain a smooth-sailing work process. There  are different types of business meetings. In this article, we’ll be sharing with you the 6 most common types.

Knowing these 6 most common types of business meetings is useful in identifying different objectives, problems, solutions and even ideas that can help out your organization

Here are the six common types of business meetings:


Status Update Meetings


This type of meeting is done to ensure that all team members of the workforce are updated on the latest projects the company is working to achieve. This type of business meeting is used as a remedy for miscommunications at work.

Through this type of meeting, clarifications can be made in order to prevent wasting resources on further unnecessary errors. 


Information Sharing Meetings


This type of business meeting is one of the most crucial meetings that need to be carried out in an organization. Information sharing meetings happen when details on a certain issue need to be dispersed. But this can also come in the form of seminars and symposiums.

In order to have a successful information sharing meeting, the leader of the event has to find ways to keep the participants engaged and attentive throughout the duration of the meeting.


Decision-Making Meetings


Major company decisions are often made by several people and not just one. This is where a decision-making meeting comes into the picture. In a decision-making meeting, attendees are to brainstorm and to think of creative and innovative ideas that can help further grow the company.

Through this meeting, new insights can be gained about current company situations. The right way to conduct decision-making meetings is to invite people who have an adequate background on the issue or situation.

With this meeting, attendees for example, can brainstorm about employee benefits. They can decide whether to offer new ones or implement changes with the current ones they are offering. 

They can decide to help out employees to refinance student loans or to embrace having a remote workforce. 


Problem-Solving Meetings


This type of business meeting is straightforward. The objective of this type of meeting is to find solutions to company issues. It’s brainstorming with a team to find the best ideas or solutions to resolve conflicts or issues that the company is facing. 

With problem-solving meetings, ideas are gathered until there is a common ground for everyone. In this type of meeting, problems such as high turnover rates are being addressed. 

Members of the meeting find ways to improve their employee retention. Another example is to find best recruitment strategies to improve chances on winning applicants. 


Innovation Meetings


Innovation is essential for the growth and success of companies. This type of meeting is where the participants’ creativity is needed. The facilitator in this meeting type should encourage the attendees to think outside the box

In order for this meeting type to be successful, there are three things that are needed: 

  1. Taking notes while in the meeting
  2. Following through with the decisions made. and lastly
  3. Full cooperation and participation of the attendees.

Participants are not limited in expressing their thoughts and ideas. Here, attendees can come up with ways on how to better promote work-life balance or coming up with new products and services.


Team Building Meetings


This type of meeting usually happens outside the company. Depending on your company, it can be a camping trip with games and other fun activities that will enable you to bond with your fellow colleagues.

Team building meetings are important since it helps build trust and strengthens the relationship within the workforce. In turn, it helps build or maintain a good company culture. Having this type of meeting can help in creating a healthy workplace for the employees.

An organization can’t survive without business meetings. Business meetings are nourishment to keep a company alive. Without it, a company will be dysfunctional. There are different types of business meetings and it’s important to know each and their function.

Remember these 6 most common types of business meetings and implement them in your organization. But with whatever you do, ensure you conduct productive gatherings for you and the rest of the attendees.

A productive business meeting produces good results. Produce good results by using one of these 6 most common types of business meetings today.