20 Employee Engagement Ideas to Inspire Your Culture

Idea flow

Companies often wonder how to improve workplace culture by getting their employees engaged.

Not many have become successful with it, as shown by a 2017 Gallup report showing that only 15 percent of employees are engaged in the workplace. 

Engaged employees develop an emotional commitment to the company. It has become part of their culture to go the extra mile to complete their tasks and be proud of their contributions to their company’s growth.

On the other hand, having disengaged employees cost organizations to lose $450-$550 billion annually. 

Based on my experience as an employer, I came up with the following list of employee engagement ideas:

1. Help Them With Their Personal Growth

Employees get inspired when they feel that they are constantly growing and getting better at what I do.

But when employees see coworkers growing when they do not, they would seek that exit door in no time.

2. Receive feedback through anonymous surveys

Many employees want to speak out but are scared of the possible consequences. 

Let them speak their minds through an anonymous survey.

3. Make Work Fun

Employees need to cut loose, once in a while.

Let your employees be themselves and come up with their ideas on how to have fun at work.

4. Give Employees a Voice

I always make it a point to remind employees that it’s okay to express themselves.

If there’s something that they want to take off their chest, they should not get in trouble for doing so.

5. Promote Wellness

If you’re routine burns out your employees, you end up with less productive employees and more sick days off.

Provide exercise facilities and healthy food in the pantry.

6. Live Your Core Values

Your core values give you a measuring stick to guide you in workplace decisions. 

If you have to revise them, make sure to involve employees, so they feel that connection to your new core values.

7. Respect Your Employees

You hired employees because of their abilities, so let them show what they’ve got.

Getting in their way of work makes them feel devalued, and yes, disrespected.

8. Encourage Experimentation

I never expect my employees to be perfect. 

I just let them learn from it.

9. Have an Open-Door Policy

Make employees feel comfortable to come to you about their concerns and ideas.

Open communications lead to a healthy relationship where there is an exchange of support.

10. Recognize and Encourage Innovation

If someone came up with useful ideas around the office, find out who she or he is.

Publicly praise with a “Good job!” comment.

11. Emphasize Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance gives employees the freedom to enjoy life to the fullest while getting work done.

It keeps them healthy in mind and body while getting them engaged.

12. Encourage Learning

Support employees in their desire to learn and develop new skills. 

You’ll get a better-equipped and well-engaged workforce.

13. Be Flexible

Allow employees to work from home as long as they keep their end of the deal.

Hold them accountable for their performance, but don’t breath down their necks.

14. Create a Unique Office Environment

Cheep up your employees by spicing up the office with pop art or encouraging them to spruce up their work stations.

A fun and inviting workplace would boost employee engagement at way higher levels.

15. Let Employees Do What They Do Best

Employees want to shine, and this will happen more frequently if they are tasked to do what they do best as often as possible.

Assigning tasks to those who do not have matching skills often leads to failure, and employees unhappy and disengaged.

16. Celebrate Achievements

When I worked for a content writing company, I noticed that copyeditors look forward to seeing how they rated on the weekly performance charts. 

There weren’t trophies, medals, or cash rewards, but each of these highlights celebrates their small achievements, which, when taken together, is massive.

17. Have Themed Office Days

Examples of themed days are hat days, rodeo days, Hawaiian shirt days, and sports days.

Watch as your employees outdo each other with their costumes or accessories and increase their loyalty to the company.

18. Socialize as a Team

Encouraging activities like board games during breaks or the post-work gathering every Friday could liven up the spirit of competition and camaraderie within teams.

19. Encourage Networking

Encouraging your employees to do networking is like telling them that you want them to build their careers. Send them to workshops, tradeshows, and conferences.

It shows that you care for them, igniting them to be more engaged in their current roles.

20. Share “inside” Information 

By giving employees information on matters like the direction of the company and growth projections, you make them feel that they are in the circle of trust and part of the company’s future.