Paid conference calls are a thing of the past. Some of them claim to be free, but they aren’t free as they declare. Several conference call providers are going to charge you pennies if the user isn’t vigilant. Nowadays, there are emerging Voice Over Inter Protocol (VoIP) platforms that offer free conference calls without robbing your bank for pennies.

Improve Workplace Productivity with Free Conference Calls

The importance of workplace productivity is indescribable. Business owners invest in various workplace productivity-boosting activities like employee retreats and newly developed applications that promise to boost productivity. Structured conference calls are one of those proven productivity-boosting activities.

Frequent free conference calls within the business is a great way to connect several departments and further hone everyone’s team playing skill. Exchanging ideas live in a fast, neat, and undisrupted manner that increases everyone’s creativity in injecting someone’s input into their plans.

Also, here are some benefits of conference calls to the business’ primary roots, its workforce.

  • Optimized attendance
  • Reduced travel cost and time
  • Improved communications due to structured meetings
  • Increased productivity
  • Employee Retention
  • Sustainability in the team’s competitive advantage

How to Choose a Secure Free Conference Call Platform

Given that data security is extremely important for every business. Choosing the best Free Conference Call Platform is crucial. You need to consider particulars to make sure your business data isn’t at risk.

Here are two notable things you need to look for when choosing a secure conference call platform.

  • Call encryption – look for the data encryption feature. If there is an available SSL Encryption, you’re dealing with a secure platform.
  • Complete control of attendees – the ability to fully control if who can join the discussion is essential. It’s to make sure confidentiality isn’t compromised.

Secure and free conference calls play a big part in every business workforce’s productivity. It is essential to ensure that the conference call platform is secure and isn’t going to be a risk to your business.